9 Tips For How To Ask For More Without Getting Overwhelmed

Stephanie Dennis
8 min readNov 16, 2023
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There might be several different reasons why you might want to ask for more work.

  • You might just be bored
  • You might need some variety
  • It could be that you have a decrease in your workload, either temporary or permanent. Both are okay.
  • You might be looking to advance or learn a new skill set.
  • You might want to push yourself outside your comfort zone.
  • Maybe there are 12 other reasons that you might want to ask for more work, but the kicker, you don’t want to be overwhelmed.

It’s very easy to go from, hey I have 30 extra minutes a day to OMG I can’t sleep. Just me?

Let’s get into some tips on how you can ask for more work without getting the overwhelm.

# 1 — Figure out why

Why do you want to ask for more work? Again, it could be any of the reasons I mentioned above.

It could be something different, but you need to know the why before you ask for the things.

#2 — Is it more of the same thing you want? Maybe it’s the same plus a new thing?

Maybe you want to offload some of your current workload to add something different.

For example, I’m a recruiter, I had 20 reqs, I close 10 of them, and have 10 left. Maybe instead of asking for 10 more reqs maybe I would rather work on DEI projects, recruitment marketing efforts, or another recruiting related project.

So before we ask for more, we need to be clear on what the ‘more’ is that we want. More of the same? More of a new thing? If you just go to your manager or your boss and say you need more because you have an extra couple hours in your day, that could either go your way or it could backfire big time.

We need to be very specific in asking for what we want. I’m not saying you’re always going to get what you want BUT you have a better chance if you know exactly what it is you want.

#3 — Break down your time and realistically see how much spare time you truly have

Document your time over the course of a week to figure out exactly how much you can commit to…



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