14 Tips For What To Do When You Are Not Feeling Valued At Work

Stephanie Dennis
7 min readNov 13, 2023
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So you’re not feeling valued at work. I mean, let’s be honest, everyone wants to feel valued, especially at work. You want to feel like the work that you do matters. It contributes in some way, shape, or form and ultimately that makes an impact.

When we’re not feeling that way, it definitely can be hard.

There are a lot of challenges and conflicts that may arise when that feeling is lacking.

Let’s dive into some tips that you can do to help fix that.

# 1 — Ask yourself what’s causing you not to feel valued (so you’re not feeling that way)

Everyone needs recognition differently. Maybe you need simple words of affirmation. That could look like:

  • A simple ‘thank you’
  • ‘Hey Steph great job on that project’
  • ‘You’re doing so great towards your progress’.

Maybe it’s recognition in front of a group or you might be someone who wants recognition privately. You need to know all of these things for yourself.

#2 — In the past, how have you felt valued at work?

Again this is also different for each person. Maybe it’s a high five, maybe it’s ‘Steph did this great job’ in front of your team.

Sometimes group recognition personally makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable, so I would prefer more of a private kudos or just personally, not even kudos but positive feedback. For me personally, I feel kind of put on the spot but others thrive in that type of environment and recognition. Knowing what in the past has made you feel like you mattered at work and your work was valued is important so you can communicate that in your current situation.

#3 — What can others do to make you feel valued?

Think of this one coming from your colleagues, less so from your direct manager.

What can your direct peers do to make you feel valued?

#4 — Talk to your team and share with them how you show appreciation and that you value someone else

You might want to kick off this conversation by letting them know you want to talk about appreciation, share how you…



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